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Daily Doodle: Propulsion

Inked and ready to go!

Daily Doodle: Third time

Is the charm. This is my layout for the Jupiter the Space Pug mini comic.

Daily Doodle: Closer

I feel like I’m almost there.

Daily Doodle: Coverage

Starting to sketch some cover ideas out for my Jupiter the Space Pug mini comic. Turns out I have enough strips to put out a comic. So, in addition to Siren’s Song, a sketchbook is coming soon as well as Jupiter the Space Pug in print!

Also, if you’re in Los Angeles, don’t forget to drop by and say hi at my signing with Andy Nordvall Wednesday June 27th at both Comic Bug locations.

It’s happened! Thanks @Inktober @Jakeparker @Katapult @01Publishing @Sketchbookapp #selfPublishing @amazon @AmazonKindle @IngramSpark

It took some work to format this book for print and for e-publication but Andy Nordvall and I got it done! We went with Ingram Spark, thanks to Kat Rocha from 01 Publishing for that. If you get a chance, check out their chilling Casefile: Arkham series! Special thanks to Jake Parker and his #Inktober movement for permitting us to use his imagery. Inktober was the basis and inspiration for this project and here’s to looking forward to this year’s challenge!

Our book is currently available on Amazon in e-book and paperback!

Daily doodle: Making it weird

I don’t know if you guys saw an article about Deadpool being possibly pansexual. I was reading it and, in my head, when I see the term “pansexual,” my mind never goes to gender or sexual fluidity. It goes straight to pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread for those not in the know), bread and Pan’s Labyrinth. Um, so it got weird in my imagination. 

Daily doodle: Do you want to play a game, Hobbes?

Completing the Sketch This Horror Mashup challenge.

Daily doodle: Jupiter versus the Claw Monster


Today brings another new installment of Jupiter The Space Pug!

Daily doodle: New ride


In case anyone wondered what Monkey ‘Do was up to: he’s acting out the only important scenes from Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Daily doodle: the OG Batcave concept



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