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Daily doodle: Don’t spoil @MarvelIronFist

Inked and colored my sketch from the other day. I’m on Episode 4.


Daily doodle: Starting @MarvelIronFist

Don’t ruin it for me! I just started and it seems ok. So I did a quick loose sketch.

Quick rough of Iron Fist


I was just thinking about Iron Fist and how it would look if his tattoo was a bit larger. I’m going to dwell on this awhile. Maybe I’ll come up with something decent.

Quick rough sketch: Iron Fist. Thanks @BlastOffComics


So I went to Blast Off Comics yesterday hoping to find some issues I was missing and maybe nab another Skottie Young cover (because frankly I love cute baby versions of things). Anyhow, I got more than I bargained for after a wonderful chat with shop owner Jud Meyers. I was telling him how my friend (and I mean you, Matt Jackson) got me into the new Hawkeye series. Hands down, one of the best currently out there right now in terms of story and art. Jud recommended I check out Fraction and Aja’s work on Iron Fist. Have to admit, never was that huge on Iron Fist. Picked up a few issues with Iron Fist and Luke Cage when I was a kid, but was never compelled to buy anymore. Well, after going through the aforementioned book, consider me compelled! So my daily doodle today is a quick rough of Iron Fist. Thanks Blast Off Comics! If anyone else is reading this and anywhere near the Valley in Los Angeles, please stop by one of the most welcoming and best comic shops in L.A. 101 to Lankershim, right before Magnolia. Check ’em out here!


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