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Daily doodle: How Cold?

Ice cold… with Mr. Freeze. I went soft focus on this. Click to watch the timelapse of this digital painting warmup.

Daily doodle: Payaso

I posted another timelapse video. Just click here to watch this drawing.

Daily Doodle: Hall pass

Click here for a sped-up, time-lapse video of this doodle. As you know, I wanted to upload a video of yesterday’s daily doodle but that didn’t work out well.

I wanted to have fun with one. I was thinking greaser meets Archie, Betty & Veronica are currently tied up kind of vibe.

Daily Doodle: Smooth criminal

Inking this and thought to myself, “This is kind of like Michael Jackson from ‘Smooth Criminal.'”

Daily Doodle: Celebrate

In this quick sketch, I wanted the Joker on top of a car roof, looking triumphant.

Daily doodle: A real cut up

Finished yesterday’s doodle.

Daily doodle: Cutting it close

Warm up sketch.

Daily doodle: Side eye

You know how I like doodling the Joker.

Daily doodle: Smile like you mean it

You know how I love the Joker.

Daily doodle: The Keys

When you lose your car keys


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