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Daily Doodle: cleaning up

Cleaned up Supes, back to work. Enjoy this process. My comic book store ran out of Michael Allred’s Action Comics #1000 cover 😦

Daily Doodle: Finer

Tightening up the pencils.

Daily Doodle: Refresh

Okay, I’m on a bit of a Action Comics #1 cover swipe kick. I thought, what if I re-imagined and updated its theme a bit?

Here’s a loose sketch layout.

Daily Doodle: Trucking

More truck, am I right?

Daily Doodle: Swiped

Did you guys know this is the 80th Anniversary of Superman? Action Comics recently released issue 1000 and I’m waiting for my Michael Allred variant cover from the comic shop. In the meantime, here’s the start of an Action Comics #1 cover swipe.

Daily Doodle: Warm up

Warming up.

Daily doodle: Messing with the S #Inktober #sketchbook #Superman

I like tinkering with Superman’s outfit. Today’s Sketchbook prompt was “flight.”

Daily doodle: Sting #MuhammadAli #Superman #RIPMuhammadAli


As in comics, I did a swipe of Rolls Press image of Muhammad Ali punching Cleveland Williams and mashed it with Superman a la Neal Adams and Dennis O’Neil’s book. Rest in piece to a great boxer and a man who spoke his mind and stood for something.

Daily doodle: Do I come into where you work…?


You ever hear an argument lead in with, “Do I come into where you work and…?”  It makes me laugh sometimes so I thought it would inspire my doodle.

Daily doodle: #Homage #RIPDarwynCooke #KalEl #Superman #DCU


Darwyn Cooke died today and the comic book art world lost an amazing voice. I’ve never met him but remember seeing his work for the first time and being blown away by his style: he rocked that vintage swagger. I grew up reading old comics at the library like Orphan Annie and Dick Tracy and Darwyn Cooke brought that flair into the modern age. I see people posting originals of his work so I thought I’d pay tribute by showing the influence he’s had on my art and inking. I don’t want to just bite his style outright, so I swiped his Superman logo and drew a baby Supes 😉


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