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Daily doodle: Break

Just a quick warmup sketch while I’m working on my submission.

Daily doodle: Popped

Click this link to watch a timelapse video of this warmup digital painting.

Daily doodle: Snikt

Today’s Wally Wood panel is a diagram (?) At eye level. I don’t really know what that means.

Daily doodle: Context

I feel like I’m missing something by practicing the Wally Wood panels without surrounding panels. The idea behind these panel suggestions is that they provide a quick way to create interesting panels when in need if some visual interest. Take this one for example. I had to slightly rotate the image to create what I felt was a more interesting image. Before, Wolvie here was just straight 90°. I think the slight tilt accentuates the walk. What do you think about these exercises?

Daily doodle: What the **** Chuck?

Okay, I’m trying to figure out this Wally Wood panel. Is suppose to be dark foreground character, background character in white Ben Day dots. Anyone have some good examples to study?

Daily doodle: Gonna be okay

2 characters in profile, no background is one of the Wally Wood panels to use.

Daily doodle : ECU

The next exercise is the extreme closeup.

Daily doodle : Look here

Continuing practice on the Wally Wood “panels that work,” I’m trying out the back of head, part of face panel.

Daily doodle : Big Face

Practicing Wally Wood’s 22 panels that work. Starting with the big face panel.


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