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Thank you!

I noticed some new followers and some perennial friends. Thanks to the following people:


Miranda of Violet’s Veg*n E-comics





I see you guys and I know i haven’t said it I a while. I wish you all a beautiful journey in your endeavors!

Daily doodle: I love fat cats


There’s something amusing about fat cats.

Daily Doodle: #WakeUpKrissy #Supergirl

As you may remember, I volunteered to help a friend of a friend (of a friend) to show some support for a loved one who was in a tragic accident and in a coma.  I posted about it here a couple weeks ago and I wanted to update you guys with today’s daily doodle which is actually more of a finished poster. Anyway, check out the video and send some positive vibes Krissy’s way!


Daily doodle: positive vibes #support


A friend of mine put me in touch with a guy who’s out there trying to get some positive vibes going for a friend of his in a coma due to a terrible accident. He has a Facebook page set up and a YouTube video explaining the mission. Please drop by, send good vibes and, if you’re an artist, they’re looking for some drawings of her as Supergirl. Let’s show Krissy some love!

Here’s my first sketch and color pass. Drawing real people in comic book style isn’t the easiest thing to do. You have to be very careful with the line work and inking or it gets to be like a bad tattoo. Usually, fine lines work the best or working from pictures with high contrast.

Who’d have thunk?


Today I’ve roughed out Scott (aka Cyclops) and the White Queen, Emma Frost. I remember picking up a comic a while back after not having collected since the end of high school and thinking, “What?!” after finding the two had hooked up. Shocking! Anyhow, if you haven’t done so, read the all new X-Men series.


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