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Daily doodle: I’m not saying

I have weird life goals. I think in comics, people strive to be like the greats- the marquis, big two comic household names like a Jim Lee, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, McFarlane, Kane, Finger, Schuster, Seigel, etc. My thinking as of late is I’d just like to make a footprint and create something people will enjoy that may stir up a little dust. I’m gunning for James O’Barr, Mike Mignola, Robert Kirkman, Eastman and Laird, Jamie Hewlett level. Although those are also big names, they cemented their legend in indie.

So, I’m not saying Pablo the Gorilla will hit those heights, but I’m not saying it won’t. What I am saying is when I finish this book, you should pick up a copy. There won’t be many (unless it goes it goes to reprint) and I think you’ll enjoy it. I certainly have enjoyed making it and I hope you can tell from the previews of this labor of love.

Daily doodle: Different weights


Inking and making progress on Pablo comic here and I wanted to show some variety in line weight. Also, you’ll notice from this cropped image that I extended the drawing way beyond safe, bleed and trim areas.

Daily doodle : Final thumb

The last layout for Smuggler’s Curve.

Daily doodle : Right there

Smuggler’s Curve may have finished on Instagram but that doesn’t mean Andy & I are finished. We’ll be making announcements soon and we hope you can join us. Make sure to follow @NguyeningIt and @andynordvall on Insta and Twitter.

Daily doodle : Inset

Smuggler’s Curve, Day 29 of Inktober: I was looking to convey the prompt “Double” as Andy had written it. I think we both executed this idea well.

Daily doodle : It’s coming from @SketchyBugGroup @ElOzymandias

Andy Nordvall & I were late to the game to join & submit for the Sketchy Bug Group’s anthology (also Inktober’s Smuggler’s Curve might have been prioritized) but I was able to help with the logo and add a pinup which you saw last night. The anthology is called a 4×4 (remember the monster truck concept logo? ). Here is the final logo and I have to say, the cover is looking pretty sweet (not just because of the logo, lulz). Thankful to be a part of the book in any way. Shout out to Juan Ponce for including me.

I’ll be sharing more about the project as things gear up for production.

Daily doodle: Stay

I think this was a fun one.

Daily doodle: Pet peeve

Working on a pinup for Sketchy Bugs.

Daily doodle : Bare bones

Smuggler’s Curve sometimes had a bare layout like this.

Daily doodle : no handlebar

Check this layout, then check the finished page. The entire Smuggler’s Run comic is available on Instagram.


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