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@Pablothegorilla #sketch #kickstarter #fulfillment #TeamPablo

Overwatch #Batman @Pablothegorilla sketch fulfillment for #kickstarter

I think someone will be pleasantly surprised when they get this. The 2 most popular requests for sketches were Pablo and “surprise me. ” Lol.

The process

A reverse look at my sketch I’m doing for reward fulfillment on the Pablo the Gorilla Kickstarter.

Gearing up for @ComicConRvltn with blank variant sketch covers

Here’s a little preview of what I’ll be doing the next couple of days in preparation for Comiccon Revolution Ontario this weekend. Follow me on @Instagram if you’d like to preview the covers and/or claim them.

Daily doodle : Thanks @BigAdvFest for a fun weekend

Another fun sketchcard

Daily doodle: Sometimes it makes me Wonder @BigAdvFest

Well, Big Adventure Fest is drawing to a close.

Daily doodle : hammering out sketchcards at table D-05 @BigAdvFest

Doing that live art at Big Adventure Fest. Table D-05.

Daily doodle: Art tip I learned


Adam Hughes gave this really interesting tip during his How To panel at San Diego Comic-Con. When he was drawing an eye and then using marker to color, he colored the top portion of the iris darker. The light source he had come from above, so the shadow would be cast from the brow. He then added white highlights to accent the iris and sclera. I tried to demonstrate that here with the Copic settings and my daily doodle.

Daily doodle: What you #Figrin ? Cantina nobody stop me now


Come get a beat down fools 🙂

Daily doodle: Something different about the air up here #ItsaTrap


How much longer until Star Wars Celebration?


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