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Swing, Swing, Swing #spiderman

Working out some thoughts. One day, I’m gonna make that dream happen 😉 does Marvel still put out those free books for school kids?

Walk a tightrope, walk a little tightrope…

That’s the song going on my head right now as I doodle this cover layout in prep for a sketch cover. Trying to have a few fun pieces ready for Rose City Comic Con.

Daily doodle: Break

Just a quick warmup sketch while I’m working on my submission.

Daily doodle: A study

Just doing a drawing/painting study for my warmup today. Click here to watch a sped up timelapse of this being made.

Daily doodle: Snack time

Are you watching the Superbowl? No? Click here to watch a timelapse of the Hulk being drawn, inked and colored instead. Today’s warmup piece.

Daily doodle:

This warmup painting was to test creating a printable tabloid size image on my phone. The Galaxy Note 9 handled it well. Granted I only used one layer; so, next time I’ll really have to test it out using multiple layers. Click here to watch it being painted.

Daily doodle: Popped

Click this link to watch a timelapse video of this warmup digital painting.

Daily doodle: Snappy

Preview of a setup for another pinup.

Daily doodle: Reach

Click here to watch a timelapse video of this Psylocke warmup drawing. Looks like yesterday’s post was posted today, so you guys get two! Enjoy 😉!

Daily doodle: Lit

Click here to watch a timelapse of this drawing.


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