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Join me in #SDCC #ComicConatHome #ArtistAlley HH-03 !

Pablo headed to virtual Comic-con!

Thanks for stopping by! First, my store is updated on Etsy and is now officially rebranded as Nguyening It! It also means I won’t be taking the time to do any needlefelting in the foreseeable future. Never say never though, right?

Stickers & buttons just added to the shop!

I’ll be getting magnets and possibly some original art up as well. I don’t know where Comic Con at Home will take me, but you don’t know unless you try and put forth some effort right?

My design for Gerry Conway’s Skulls for Justice is back!

@Pablothegorilla preview & touring info

2019 was personally a great year for me. Retro debuted at the Dances with Films festival. Siren’s Song with Andy Nordvall hit #1 on the Amazon Kindle in science fiction and fantasy illustration. We even broke into the print top 100 of ART! Pablo the Gorilla was funded and delivered on Kickstarter! It even sold out at my local comic shop. They’re on their second helping!

How is 2020 so far? Well, it’s going crazy!

I have 7 conventions on my schedule!

My first one of the year was Long Beach Comic Expo and I’d say it was a rousing success😊

Pablo and I got some shine on KTLA Weekend Morning News live from Long Beach Comic Expo!

Next up is Wondercon in Anaheim. Find me at Artist Alley table B-50 April 10-12th !

An insane week or so

I’ve often told people I have some stupid good luck. Sometimes, it’s hard work meeting opportunity. There’s a lot to be thankful for with Thanksgiving coming up. 😁 In this past week, Pablo the Gorilla made it onto the shelves of my local comic book store, the Comic Bug, in Culver City. It was even between Robert Kirkman’s Outcast and Brian K. Vaughan’s Paper Girls. Not only that, but it sold out and has since been restocked! I also got news I’ll be exhibiting at San Diego Comic-Con in Artist Alley, as well as Heroes Con and Fan X Salt Lake City!

Big thanks to all my family & friends. Huge thanks to the Bug and all the outlets that have had me on! Thanks for being part of my journey. I hope 2020 has some amazing nuggets waiting to be mined!

Does this mean I’m a part of the #zine community now?

So, I finished Inktober and thought, “I have enough pages. I think I can make a zine! ” So, I did!

Well, I made one as a proof. Once it’s reviewed, I’ll continue printing and refining my printer settings.

Also, I’ll be doing 3 signings this week in Los Angeles for Pablo the Gorilla. On Wednesday, November 6th, I’ll be at the Comic Bug in Culver City from 11-2p then at the Manhattan Beach location from 5-8p.

To end the week, come celebrate at Nostalgic Books and Comics on Saturday, November 9th in San Gabriel Valley!

The process

A reverse look at my sketch I’m doing for reward fulfillment on the Pablo the Gorilla Kickstarter.

Daily doodle: Different weights


Inking and making progress on Pablo comic here and I wanted to show some variety in line weight. Also, you’ll notice from this cropped image that I extended the drawing way beyond safe, bleed and trim areas.

Pablo confronts his chibi self.


Is it a trick? Nope, it’s just chibi style Pablo. Pablo meets the cartoonier version of himself. We’ll let him drink it in for a moment. I’m thinking of doing manga style asides on the bottom of some pages every now and then. We’ll see how that works out.

Pablo Comic Character Development


Here’s another character I’ve been working on. This is a quick rough of Pablo’s roommate Monte (short for Montezuma).

Pablo Comic Character Development- rough sketch


Man, I gotta hand it to writers. The time it takes to write and conceptualize a story (to me) is pretty brutal. I’ve thought about Pablo as a comic for a long time. The drawings of him as a comic book character were never right until recently. Now I have to throw this package together for class and I only recently came up with a fuller concept with some plot points. Here’s a rough sketch of a character that will be involved. Thanks to everyone who has been following the blog and to those who have just joined. My teacher’s thrown a few curves and the class will be ending soon but that’s just his way of kicking us out of the nest. I’ll be refining a lot of the homework you’ve seen glimpses of and posting them here so stay tuned.

And the winner, er, Nguyenner is…


Okay, today’s daily doodle is Pablo claiming his trophy amidst a mass of bodies. Why? To exaggerate the competition in Nguyening It’s first ever giveaway! As you may remember, up for grabs a few posts ago (see here!) was the original black and white drawing of grumpy Pablo and it seems we have a winner…uh, Nguyenner. The competition was fierce but it came down to a random (okay, it wasn’t really random. I had to promise my wife more original drawings for the house) selection among an unfathomable sea of entries (two, including my wife). The recipient of the drawing is (queue drumroll)… Mr. Eric Wilder!

Thank you everyone for tuning in! The writing contest is still up for grabs and I’ll be doing another giveaway soon (do I hear Baby Death a rap-tap-tapping at the door?). Keep checking in!


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