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Unreleased @PablotheGorilla pages #PerchancetoDream

Perchance to dream

I had the honor of being invited to join Ed Dukeshire’s Digital Webbing Presents 3. these 2 pages were originally looking to be released 2020/2021 as an interim short/prelude for Pablo #2. DWP is deferred to its anniversary year and I’m currently working on Pablo #2. So, I thought it’d be nice for anyone in Pablo’s troop to catch up a bit. πŸ˜‰πŸ¦πŸ•


Daily doodle: Sit this one out

This page was kicking around in my head so I drew it out. 

Daily doodle : going ape


Daily doodle: Scene it


Quick rough sketch of a Pablo knocking heads.

Um, where we going Pablo?


So friend of the blog, Rebell Red, had asked what Monkey ‘Do was up to. Looks like he hitched a ride on Pablo’s back.

And the winner, er, Nguyenner is…


Okay, today’s daily doodle is Pablo claiming his trophy amidst a mass of bodies. Why? To exaggerate the competition in Nguyening It’s first ever giveaway! As you may remember, up for grabs a few posts ago (see here!) was the original black and white drawing of grumpy Pablo and it seems we have a winner…uh, Nguyenner. The competition was fierce but it came down to a random (okay, it wasn’t really random. I had to promise my wife more original drawings for the house) selection among an unfathomable sea of entries (two, including my wife). The recipient of the drawing is (queue drumroll)… Mr. Eric Wilder!

Thank you everyone for tuning in! The writing contest is still up for grabs and I’ll be doing another giveaway soon (do I hear Baby Death a rap-tap-tapping at the door?). Keep checking in!

Rough sketch: character/object/environment interaction


Here’s a quick rough of Pablo grabbing onto a boy who’s fallen off the side of the building. I’m going to work on Pablo grabbing and holding onto things for a bit. Didn’t actually lay down any point perspective here, so it may not make any sense. I’m just thinking about layout at this point.

Character sketchbook continued: Pablo as a baby


Here’s a quick sketch and color test of Pablo the Gorilla as a baby. I think I’m pretty comfortable with sketching him out at this point. I’m probably going to move onto more mundane things like house and cityscapes next. I’ve always felt just okay with drawing backgrounds; so I’m going to concentrate on making it a strength. You guys ever seen Geoff Darrow’s work? Insane detail! I may not be him, but I think it’s a pretty good goal to set.

Pablo scratches lifted from my hardcopy sketchbook


I’ve been sketching mostly on my phone lately, but hardcopy sketching is important as it gives me the feel of working analog. I do a lot of sketching in ballpoint pen now. Part of the reason why is because it prevents me from erasing what I do. I have a compulsion for chucking sketches in the garbage or erasing them. I’m trying to learn that there are things to pick up from each mark or mistake I make. Here’s a quick photo of my sketchbook’s Pablo pages. When I figured out a direction to go in last night, I got really excited. I’m going to get back to drawing and maybe I’ll get to producing a kick-ass comic for you guys soon.

Character development: rough sketching Pablo


I’ve been doodling Pablo for years but I never settled on a style I liked. I can do him as a quick graffiti piece, but that never translated well into a comic book character. Finally, after reading some comics and using other artists’ work to help me problem solve, I think I’ve settled on a style that bridges the gap between comic and graf piece well.


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