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Gonna ink this #GothamRollerQueens #PoisonIvy #HarleyQuinn

Got to work out my background for this. Since it’s roller derby themed, I’m going to do it like an event flyer.

Daily doodle: Full plate

Trying to keep order on things getting done. Working through coloring Pablo. I have storyboards to get to, posters to finish laying out like this one, blank covers to start working on, and more comics being made. I’m contemplating cutting back on this blog.

If you’re in Los Angeles, don’t forget to find me this weekend at the Comic Bug’s Free Comic Book Day Extravaganza!

Daily doodle: Returning

I started this awhile back, but I thought I’d block in more color as I take a break from coloring.

Daily doodle: branching out

One layout done. Let’s see how many I can finished.

Daily doodle: The plan

Working out yesterday’s image. The plan is to finish a series of pinups. The first thought is Poison Ivy & Harley back to back.

Daily doodle : hammering out sketchcards at table D-05 @BigAdvFest

Doing that live art at Big Adventure Fest. Table D-05.

Daily doodle: Legroom #poisonivy #pinup

I finished my digital painting of Poison Ivy. As you can see over the past few days, it’s gone through quite a few changes. The general layout I started with is there but I corrected things as I went along. I brought the eyes in closer and straightened out the torso. I noticed the arms were a bit off so I corrected that as well. I exaggerated the sketch a bit but it didn’t look right as a painting. Enjoy!

Daily doodle: Shaping up

So the past few days I’ve been posting my progress on this digital painting of Poison Ivy in a pin up pose. I hope you guys are enjoying it. If you compare this to the work leading to it, you can see the changes I’ve made on the fly while working. 

Daily doodle: Progress

for my work in progress.

Daily doodle: Filling in

I want to digitally paint this but I like showing works in progress too.


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