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Different perspectives

Working on that new, new.

The process

A reverse look at my sketch I’m doing for reward fulfillment on the Pablo the Gorilla Kickstarter.

Daily Doodle: Handed in

This was my submitted piece for the SDCC Souvenir book’s Frankenstein tribute. Wish me luck!

Daily Doodle: Coming together

This is due today. I finished but I wanted to show you the process first. Time to go submit.

Daily Doodle: One step beyond

So, yeah, started painting this in.

Daily Doodle: Green

Blocked out the background.

Daily Doodle: Lit

So, chandelier drawn in instead of just blocked out now.

Daily Doodle: Regency

So I’m heading to the point of no return on decision making here. I really enjoy working in black and white, using gray tones, but at the same time I feel like digitally painting this picture in a Romantic society style will add to the feel of the Regency Era in which I’m depicting these characters and the time period Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in.

You can tell by the chandelier that I blocked out that I haven’t yet made up my mind whether to paint fully or continue with this comic book style. Decisions, decisions.

Daily Doodle: Progress

Started inking this one in.

Daily Doodle: Workshopping

So, I find that sharing with you guys is like workshopping an idea. For this one, I didn’t want to copy the famous Boris Karloff Universal Pictures Frankenstein creature or Bride of Frankenstein exactly. I did want to acknowledge it and pay homage, while tipping the hat to the nineteenth century that he was created in. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1818 and Comic-Con is paying tribute to the book’s bicentennial.


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