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Daily Doodle: Rained out

Who freaks out when they’re driving in the rain? 


Daily Doodle: Directional

Got some great feedback at Comic-Con and decided to rework some things.

Daily Doodle: Mash out, peel out

And that’s a wrap.

Daily Doodle: Ride or die

If anyone’s paying attention, this is definitely in line with drawing through things. The original image didn’t have the rear section of the car so I went in and drew it. I made this decision because in order to animate this, I felt it would be easier with the whole car.

Daily Doodle: Evening stroll

That’s gotta hurt.

Daily Doodle: Ouch

It’s a fix ya face kind of shot.

Daily Doodle: Thwack

Daily Doodle: Hold still

Figuring this one out.

Daily Doodle: Spasm

When you feel it in your body…

Daily Doodle: Shook

Can you feel it?


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