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Daily doodle: Keeping on

Starting in on this page with inks. Thanks for following along. All the work starts in Autodesk on a Galaxy Note 9 and I’m finishing in Surface Pro 6 for print quality.

Daily Doodle: Inked @AquamanMovie inspired #WallyWood idea @SamsungMobile #GalaxyNote9 @sketchbookapp

I mean, it just needed to be finished. I actually laid down white Ben Day dots on the background to create texture. I kept Arthur Curry silhouetted/heavily shaded. I really flexed the Galaxy Note 9’s pressure sensitivity when inking hatch lines here.

Daily doodle : Crushed

This is a concept I submitted. It might be used later. Keep an eye out.

Daily doodle: Do I come into where you work…?


You ever hear an argument lead in with, “Do I come into where you work and…?”  It makes me laugh sometimes so I thought it would inspire my doodle.

Daily doodle: A came, Azog, A conquered


This doodle is done from a new device: an ASUS Vivotab Note 8. I did a quick sketch of Azog from the Hobbit. My impression of the device so far? The pressure sensitivity is a bit frustrating and the battery life can’t sustain long periods of artwork. The pen calibration for it isn’t very precise. My Samsung Galaxy Note II is really fantastic in that department and the Vivotab is lackluster. It is, however, very good for fast, loose sketching with the pencil brush in Autodesk Sketchbook. So, I can work on thumbs and then transfer to my desktop for inking. In the meantime, I’ll try to adjust to the issues, make the best of the device and maximize its potential.

A little ode to @Google @Android Bugdroid Andy


Hate all you will, but Google’s Andy is adorable. And have you guys seen those blorpy jelly beans in the Easter egg screen saver? Cute! 🙂 Anyhow, in case you don’t know, the majority of this blog is done from my Android phone- the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The artwork is created using the Sketchpad app and I’ll sometimes crop and paste images for collages using the S-Pen. I don’t get paid for this, so I’m not shilling. In fact,  I don’t even like the Galaxy SIII or most of the Samsung products I’ve come across including the first Galaxy Note. The Note II, however,  is something else.  So here’s my little doodle in homage to Android: improving with every iteration.  Here’s to hoping they don’t lose track of what gave them a winning formula: small things like expandable memory and removable batteries.

Not a good time, son


Parents, do your kids ever catch you at a bad time? Well, here’s my doodle for the morning.

Spidey’s ultimate foe? Venom Sketch


Not gonna lie- I love me some Venom. However, whenever he’s portrayed in media other than comics, I feel they royally screw up the character (I’m looking at you Raimi brothers). I grew up in the age of Todd McFarlane, when the character was introduced. I remember going to the library to read the comics. The story was gripping. Here was this guy, hellbent on revenge, with an alien creature physically and mentally connected to him. The creature empathized with him and fueled him as they shared a common hatred and rejection: Spider-man. I remember reading and waiting for the next issue to come out. Venom was relentless and devoid of pity: a most compelling evil. The most compelling story though was how human Peter Parker was: how reduced and weak he felt unable to stop this evil at times. This once wise-cracking superhero was not invincible, had no quips and, for the longest time it seemed, no answers.

Magneto Sketch


Over the last two decades or so, I feel like Magneto has definitely developed into one of the most compelling villains in comics. Sometimes good, mostly bad? He’s Prof X’s old chum and one of the most powerful threats to humanity. He fights for an ideal world for mutants, but that doesn’t really include standard issue humans. Is he a terrorist? An analogous historical figure I think of at times is Malcolm X during his early Nation of Islam period (before his hajj). Clearly passionate, at times misguided and militant are how both come across. “By any means necessary” would be the tagline that comes to mind (although I would challenge one to reexamine the context of Malcolm X’s speech in the framework of hate speech/propaganda). Magneto, however, has ventured far past the line drawn in the sand: deep is his foray into extremism. Yet, the writing always manages to offer a moment where he is imbued with a clear sense of morality/humanity which has you questioning his villainy. How evil is he? Enjoy the sketch.

Have trouble keeping your kids off the walls and ceilings sometimes?


Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if certain superheroes had acquired/developed their powers earlier. Take your friendly neighborhood Spider-man for instance. What would having him as a baby be like?


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