Saturday morning

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Daily doodle: Why can’t I have the power? #Skeletor


So my phone died. This means I’ll be doing some doodles from my tablet.

Daily doodle: I watched Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime show


And all I kept wondering is when the f*** is Voltron going to form?

Daily doodle: The OG 1


Where my Prime fans at? I thought Megatron was fun yesterday so why not roll out with the Autobot leader himself?  See what I did there?

Daily doodle: Don Mega


Any Megatron fans? I know some of you guys are G1 kids! C’mon!

Daily doodle: Rough TMNT sketch


I went with a lankier Ninja Turtle compared to Michael Bay’s yoked up versions.

Remember when Saturday mornings were about #TurtlePower?


I grew up watching the cartoon and movies but I’ve always liked the monochromatic turtles by Eastman and Laird. Here’s today’s daily doodle with a nod to both cartoon and comics.


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