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Daily doodle: Loose ends

So a few more shots were needed for the project being done. I’ve added what I could before Wondercon. Here’s to hoping you guys see it on a screen soon!


Daily Doodle: Switching

I took a break from making comics to storyboard. Yes, I took a break from drawing to draw something else. Heh, at least it was just a loose layout.

Daily doodle: Putting it down

Freehand warmup.

Daily doodle: Frame of mind

You guys remember that storyboard project I did a while back? Well let’s say I’ve seen some work done on it and it’s shaping up nicely. Here’s a quick warmup to get me back to some ideas I was working with.

Daily Doodle: Rained out

Who freaks out when they’re driving in the rain? 

Daily Doodle: Directional

Got some great feedback at Comic-Con and decided to rework some things.

Daily Doodle: The throw

Worked in more detail.


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