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What’s this?

Working on a team project right now that has a lot of different parts. Enjoy this preview.


The payoff. Thanks WordPress followers!

Thank you for following the blog for the past few years everyone! I know it’s transitioned away from a daily sketch blog recently, but that doesn’t mean it won’t continue to be a blog about my art and art process.

You might remember seeing the loose storyboards for Retro awhile back. I told you to keep an eye out, right 😉? We did it! We premiered yesterday with Dances with Films at the famous Hollywood TCL Chinese Theatres!

The response was overwhelming! Truly humbled and thankful. The story doesn’t end here. Retro is going to be reworked by the creator for comic format too! The kickstarter for Pablo the Gorilla has a launch date for June 26th. That’s right, in 10 more days! We’re going to need all hands on deck. Click here for the email signup!

Then I’ll be at Rose City Comic-con in September.

Stickers from @stickermule

Sign up for launch info!



I’m starting an email list for Pablo the Gorilla’s first comic. I won’t be spamming, but I do intend to keep you informed. The list has actually already been growing before the launch of this sign up page. Thanks to all the fans who loved the pitch and signed up already.

For those of you following my journey and the path to making Pablo the Gorilla as a comic book, I hope we will walk forward together into the next leg of our voyage. Thank you so much for being a part of this.


Moving on

Whew, I feel like there’s a lot going on in my life right now. I’m gearing up to launch Pablo the Gorilla a kickstarter campaign. I hope you’ll join me.

Retro, a short film I did art for, premieres at Dances with Films this month. If you’re in Los Angeles, I hope you will join me June 15th, 2:45 p.m. at the world renowned TCL Chinese Theatres. Tickets are available now.

If you can’t tell from this image, I’m collaborating with a writer on a new project. You’ve seen a thumbnail and concept drawing. We’re going to see how much we can get done before Comic-con.

Then, well, more work coming!

Kickstarter rewards?

From reading about crowdfunding campaigns, people are most definitely invested in the product the campaign is for and want it to be the primary focus. But, do people also like the secondary and tertiary rewards? If you get a chance, please chime in or vote!

I’m looking at printing Pablo the Gorilla (yes, it’s finished! ) with 2, possibly 3 covers. (1 is out of my hands so for all intents and purposes, I’m just looking at 2.)

As for rewards, I was considering stickers, prints, original sketches, pins and offering previously released works. Let me know what you think!

Weekly post: I’ll be at @ComicConRvltn next weekend

Hope to see you there!


Almost done coloring!


Daily doodle: Before I forget…

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Please go support your local comic shop! There will be free comics at participating locations plus usually creators doing signings and selling their wares! You can find some big names in the business as well as discover new talent!

I will be a part of L.A.’s Comic Bug 2 day extravaganza. Also a ton of my Sketchy Bug colleagues will be there with their fantastic work as well Come say hi!

Also, here’s another preview of Pablo being colored.

Daily doodle: Smell this

Working through coloring. Here’s another preview, halfway finished.

Daily doodle: I’m so excited

And I just can’t hide it. Pablo is coming along nicely and I just had to share. I know, you’re like, “Don, you’ve been sharing the work in progress this whole time. ” I have, but I was thinking about cutting back on it as I’m about to start up concept work on the next project. I just think this is shaping up so well. It’s important for me to get get this labor of love out. It’s not just a passion project but the first time I’m adding a wholly creator- owned and created piece into the work. It’s non-commission, non work-for-hire… just mine. I hope you’re enjoying me sharing the process with you! I’m almost at 500 followers on Instagram. Find me on Twitter and insta as @NguyeningIt! My next event is Free Comic Book Day at th Comic Bug then off to Comic-con Revolution Ontario. I aim to have Pablo in print by then.

Thank you to everyone who’s been following here, there and everywhere. I appreciate the time to you take to like, comment, and share.


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