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Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 31

This image concluded Andy Nordvall’s and my Inktober collaboration, Siren’s Song. The last prompt was, “Mask.” We hope you enjoyed the process and the final images. We are now looking to print; so, keep an eye out!

Daily Doodle: The last one

The layout for the last image of #Inktober’s Siren’s Song.

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 24

A bit of handholding, am I right? Read it here.

Daily Doodle: Work it out

Layout for Day 24 of Inktober. Go here to see the finished image and read the entire story!

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 23

This is the finished image for the prompt “juicy” on Inktober 23rd, y’all. Thanks everyone who’s followed, liked and/or read Siren’s Song for Inktober.

Daily Doodle: setting up

This was the layout for day 22 of Inktober. Remember, you can read it all here!

Daily Doodle: Spread your wings

Yesterday, you saw the finished image. Today you see the layout for day 22 of Inktober. Don’t forget to read it all here.

Daily Doodle: #Inktober Day 22

The Day 22 prompt was “trail” and your can read the entire story at inktobersirenssong.tumblr.com .

Daily Doodle: Looming

This was the layout for Siren’s Song on Day 21. I really wanted the hands to be gnarled.

Daily Doodle: Layering it in

I hope you guys remember this image from Day 20 of Inktober. If you missed it, catch up here.


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