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Grinding Elder God style with @Wannabepress & @Mikekorpi #MakeDreamsHappen

Almost 75% funded on Kickstarter!

My friend Mike Korpi is a fantastic screen writer. He writes these amazing stories that remind me of Tales from the Crypt and the Twilight Zone. He now has his first opportunity to become a published comic book writer! It can only happen if the Kickstarter campaign for Wannabe Press’s Cthulhu is Hard to Spell: The Terrible Twos fully funds.

If any of you have ever bought a Wannabe Press anthology, you know the quality they bring. The stories and art are curated by the editors and the talent level is always high. Cthulhu is Hard to Spell : the Terrible Twos USA no different. In fact, they believe in the product so much, you can preview it by going to the Kickstarter page. This book features a bevy of talent that Mike and I are proud to join. Paul Jenkins who worked with an art hero of mine, Humberto Ramos, is on this book. You may know him from Hellblazer or Spectacular Spider-man & Fairy Quest with Humberto. He has a piece with Tony Donley from Myth and Legends. Ray-Anthony Height, artist on fan fave titles Spider-man, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and Wakanda-verse has an entry. The cover is done by Aaron Alexovich from Invader Zim! Wild!

There are other talented from publishers like Vertigo, Image and brands like My Little Pony. There really is something for every comic fan. You don’t even have to know anything about Lovecraft or the Elder Gods to enjoy these stories. Let it serve as a key to the gateway. So join us and get your free preview!

The first page of Mike’s and my story!

Swing, Swing, Swing #spiderman

Working out some thoughts. One day, I’m gonna make that dream happen 😉 does Marvel still put out those free books for school kids?

Daily doodle: Different take

A different pinup design.

Daily doodle: Concepts

Just working through this idea I have for Venom until I get it right.

Daily doodle: Coming along

Now I’m trying to figure out how I want the symbiote to spread and move, as well as what the background will show.

Daily doodle: You Probably guessed it, right?

If you guessed Venom, then you were correct. Adding Spidey to the pinup too!

Daily doodle: Going at it

So I went to see Aquaman and Bumblebee last night. Didn’t hate either one. Was surprisingly entertained by both. Were they the best? I have to say I rank Aquaman behind Wonder Woman in terms of recent DC movies: not close behind though. It’s more like getting in when other competitors got disqualified from the race. I will say this, there were some really great moments of art direction. For almost two and a half hours, I felt like it was better paced than Bumblebee, which ran slightly under 2 hours but felt longer. My problem was the usage of CGI in Aquaman. The designed creatures looked better than the ones that actually exist in the real world that they used CGI to render. I loved that Bumblebee brought in G1 designs on Transformers. That was cool to see. If you have to go see a movie based on comics or cartoons this weekend, my money’s still on Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.

Also, started inking yesterday’s sketch.

Daily doodle: Go catch @Spiderverse #Spiderverse

I really enjoyed this flick. It’s the most enjoyable Spider-man movie since the first one, in my opinion. And it also hit me in the feels. You’ll know when you see it.

Daily Doodle: Ew

A sketchcard commission of Venom and Spidey.

Daily Doodle: Revising

I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I liked the quick sketch I did in tribute to Steve Ditko a few days ago. So I’m rolling with it in the back of my head. I think I will actually reverse how Spidey is facing here and do an upshot instead of a down. This is why we sketch things out right?


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