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Daily doodle: Figured it out #xmen


I got 6 characters in there after inking yesterday’s sketch.


Daily doodle: Figuring it out


Just laying out this doodle to try to figure out how to cram characters into a battle scene.

Daily doodle: Sue Storm #whatif #mashup


I had to get this random thought out there: what if we combined the Invisible Woman and Storm?!

Daily doodle: Stormy weather


It’s raining in Los Angeles and I thought I’d do a doodle and color test of the X-Men’s Storm.

Daily doodle: Concept designs for felted X-Men


So yesterday I did a doodle of a Sentinel concept for felting. Here are some X-Men to battle the Sentinel.

Inside the sketchbook


Thought I’d do a quick rough of the 80’s X-men’s Storm. Remember when Ororo rocked that Grace Jones look? That was my first time reading about her. I thought that mohawk was serious! I don’t know why I put her in an almost equestrian outfit. I flared out her ‘hawk a lot more too.  She’s one of the best heroines in comics ever: queen, goddess, thief, X-men- awesome!


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