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Daily doodle: Floater

What is happening here? 

Daily doodle: Interference

Making progress on the shot list.

Daily doodle: Stuck

Making my way through other shots. Some of the finalized ones are being used to test techniques that are going to be used for an animatic. In the meantime, while my partner works in that, I’ll be trying to work as fast as I can to layout the remaining frames in the shot list.

Daily doodle: Moving parts

Finishing the frame I’ve been working on the past couple of days. This image will have some moving parts to it which will involve a shift in proportions. I hope you’ll be able to see it soon. 

Daily doodle: Lines

Inking in yesterday’s layout.

Daily doodle: Above

Daily doodle: Sweep kick

Completed this frame, going to the next. 

Daily doodle: Fill

Working on the scene.

Daily doodle: Moving 

Adding layout for background and starting inks.

Daily doodle: Filling in a bit more detail

Reworking this scene.


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