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Daily Doodle: Catch!

Completing colors on this.

Daily Doodle: Heads up!

If you remember this shot or go back to find it, you’ll notice that I went back in and tweaked the guy a bit to make the moron more dramatic.

Daily Doodle: Bricked

Colored this in.

Daily Doodle: Another brick in the wall

We don’t need no education.

Daily Doodle: Floored

Colored this one in.

Daily Doodle: The drop

This current scene will be colored differently as you may have noticed.

Daily Doodle: Finishing touches

Filled in the rest as promised.

Daily Doodle: Details

The background softens.

Daily Doodle: Gradual

Inking in the details as I go. I’ll freehand the rest when coloring for a softer look.

Daily Doodle: Walk away

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I really enjoy this project. One of the reasons is that the diversity of characters and their backgrounds really plays into the story. If you remember this from the “Noted” post, you’ll remember this sketch was really loose. Let’s see how it shapes up.


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