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Daily Doodle: Swampy #SDCC2018 #selfpromotion

Hey, look at that! My San Diego Comic-Con appearance schedule! This was a warm up doodle that I just decided to explore a bit further. I was going to post a link to the time lapse video but unfortunately that crashed and the video went kaput. Oh wells. I think this still came out great.

Daily doodle: Lumpy


I just started doodling and thinking about Tetsuo from Akira and Swamp Thing.

Daily doodle: #SwampThing #Inktober


Continuing with Inktober, I thought I’d do a doodle of Swamp Thing and Abigail Arcane. I’ve been reading Scott Snyder’s 52 version with Yannick Paquete’s art. Also, when I was a kid I was a bit obsessed with drawing Swamp Thing after watching the movie.

Daily doodle: Swamp Thing


Still working with the Sketchbook brush tool.


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