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Daily Doodle: Sharp

Having fun while doodling some ideas out.

Daily Doodle: Grappling with it #Inktober @Andy Nordvall

Curious? Well, click here to check out the epic pirate fantasy Andy Nordvall and I are crafting for you!

Daily Doodle: Parry

Loose sketch set up for Inktober. Don’t miss out!

Daily doodle: Mistaken

A friend from high school asked if I’d do a pin up for her. Just so happens I’m also drawing a risque character for a job. This image was to help think about both of those things. I forgot to start a separate ink layer as I usually do and just inked directly onto the pencils. I had gotten so far into this file that I just went with it. It was not safe for work originally, but I thought it deserved a wider audience. 

Daily doodle: Strike That #SketchThis #deviantart


Completing the Sketch This Word Prompt challenge to draw something using the following word prompts: man, sword, black cloak, blood, fangs. I just wished the template was of a higher res.

Daily doodle: Swinger


Of swords

Daily doodle: Bear down #BlackKnight @sketch_dailies


Sketch Dailies’ theme from a couple days ago was the Black Knight. I thought about going Martin Lawrence style but went this route instead.

Daily doodle: Pastels in my palette


Thought I’d try some pastel.

Daily doodle: when you’re out of bullets


Quick rough

Daily doodle: Another armored gal


Because women in armor are cool right?


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