The Dead Crossing

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Daily doodle: trying to get this head right @deadcrossing


Doodling Juanca from the Dead Crossing.

Daily doodle : Heard some news @thedeadcrossing


I heard through the grapevine that big things are planned for the near future.

Daily doodle: Working on it @TheDeadCrossing


Like I said before: keep an eye open

Daily doodle: canaan dog sketch work


Some quick doodles for another project I’m working on…that is not zombies. Although we have a bit more than two weeks left in the crazy zombie campaign! If 8,000 zombie lovers pledged $10 or more, the short film comic book are made. Your support could breathe life to this project! You would be there to help break ground!

Pledge $20 or more on the Dead Crossing Project Kickstarter page to get your own digital sketch of your zombie self plus other great incentives. Can’t pledge? That’s okay too! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Tumblr or tweet us @TheDeadCrossing and @NguyeningIt  #TheDeadCrossingProject.

Daily doodle: Come support #TheDeadCrossingProject


Head over to the Facebook page and give us a like! Baby Death is certainly a fan 🙂


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