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Daily doodle: Happy Force Friday! #ForceAwakens


How many were out this morning waiting in line? I was! Here’s the doodle I started this morning.

Daily doodle : Remember when…


Luke Skywalker turned to the Dark Side of the Force? Well,  neither do most people.  My friend was explaining to me that a lot of the Star Wars literature preceding Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars property will be excluded from canon. True?

Daily doodle: May the fork be with you #dinnertime


I think baby Vader’s hungry.

Daily doodle: Tatoo eenie meenie RT or repost if you love #tiny #starwars


I’m still on this marker tool brush in Sketchbook. Has it paid off? You be the judge. Anyone heading to Star Wars Celebration? See you there!

Daily doodle: #Jedi


I remember being a kid and watching Return of the Jedi in theater. The first time Luke Skywalker walked in with his new black outfit I was in awe. Here was a Jedi, a good guy…wearing black. It was so cool.

Daily doodle: May the 4th be with you


Obi Wan or Obi Juan? #starwars


This one’s for my buddy Jesse. Seriously, are we sure we didn’t get Obi’s name wrong? Obi Wan is my homie 🙂

Did Obi-wan not give you lunch money, Luke? Search your pockets…


When I was in third grade, I had to bring lunch money to school. One of my greatest fears was not having any lunch money or, moreso, lunch. Fear is the path to the Dark Side. So…lunch must be the path of the Force. Right?

Heads are gonna roll!


You know, because they’re round and stuff! For those who missed out on felted Yoda last round, no need to fret. I’ll have a few more coming up. Just check the photo- oh, tiny, lumpy needle-felted heads 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on when needle-felted Yoda returns to famished on etsy’s shop.

“Do or do not: there is no try” – felted Yoda


Slated to make his reappearance in the shop: needle-felted Yoda! I had to switch out two colors on the materials used, but I think he bears a striking resemblance to the originals. Here’s where the fabric glue comes into play: googly eyes! Honestly, who doesn’t love a good set of googly eyes? Hmm, why yes I should head off to bed. Good night…or morning.


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