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Daily doodle: Was it a challenge?

Not sure if Nate Cosby from Boom wa issuing a challenge, but I drew it anyway. A guy fixing a bookshelf, a lady showing her hat, 2 kids underwater and 4 different shoes stacked upon each other. I saw TNT bookshelf as a makeshift shoe rack, and the people were at a resort. The jua are in a looking glass pool, the gus’s a handyman and the lady’s scarf has blown off.

Daily Doodle: Grappling with it #Inktober @Andy Nordvall

Curious? Well, click here to check out the epic pirate fantasy Andy Nordvall and I are crafting for you!

Daily Doodle: Parry

Loose sketch set up for Inktober. Don’t miss out!

Daily doodle: Where is the love? #Namor #Inktober


Sometimes I feel like the Sub-mariner doesn’t get enough love.

Daily doodle: Branching Out #inktober


Last night/this morning, I was at Comic Bug participating in their 24 page Comic in 24 hours event. Unbeknownst to me, it was to create your own comic in that amount of time. I thought I was dropping in to help someone else create a comic. Well, it did spur me to come up with today’s Jupiter The Space Pug page. I also wrote (what?!) a comic idea I’ve been sitting on for about a year. I thumbed five pages and hope to drop it soon. I’m at an event today so I actually couldn’t complete the challenge but I did type out my first full comic story!


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