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Daily doodle: Venomized @RunJewels logo after watching @Venommovie

Inspired by the end credits. Watch a timelapse of this being made. Took almost 7 minutes on my phone.

Daily doodle: How Cold?

Ice cold… with Mr. Freeze. I went soft focus on this. Click to watch the timelapse of this digital painting warmup.

Daily doodle:

This warmup painting was to test creating a printable tabloid size image on my phone. The Galaxy Note 9 handled it well. Granted I only used one layer; so, next time I’ll really have to test it out using multiple layers. Click here to watch it being painted.

Daily doodle: Flying caped guy

Click here: I make drawing, you see timelapse. πŸ˜‹

Daily doodle: Payaso

I posted another timelapse video. Just click here to watch this drawing.

Daily Doodle: Warm Up with Wolvie

Wow, this published before I finished editing. Weird! Anyhow, this was a warm up sketch. I posted a a video of this sketch from the time-lapse function in Autodesk Sketchbook. Enjoy! Click here!

Daily Doodle: Drawing Remix #ThisIsAmerica @childishgambino

I took the drawing I did and remixed it. I’m not obsessed with the music video for This is America.

Daily Doodle: Working on it @ThePunisher

Like I said, I’ve been futzing with the new Autodesk Sketchbook Pro Mobile update. The brushes aren’t quite how I like yet so I’m tweaking them as I work.

Daily Doodle: Getting familiar @ThePunisher

Autodesk Sketchbook updated on my phone and there a ton of new brushes. I had to figure out which were the ones I most commonly used and tweak them. I’m not 100% satisfied yet but I’ll adapt. In the meantime, enjoy this test run and break from Siren’s Song in time lapse.


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