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Daily doodle : Thanks @BigAdvFest for a fun weekend

Another fun sketchcard

Daily Doodle: Hold on now

Warm up sketch.

Daily doodle: Making it weird

I don’t know if you guys saw an article about Deadpool being possibly pansexual. I was reading it and, in my head, when I see the term “pansexual,” my mind never goes to gender or sexual fluidity. It goes straight to pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread for those not in the know), bread and Pan’s Labyrinth. Um, so it got weird in my imagination. 

Daily doodle: Here’s my wand #Deadpool #quidditch

Because magic

Daily doodle: Deadpool & Cable #comehither #relationships

Completing my random thought from yesterday.

Daily doodle: #cosplay #babydeath #Deadpool

I always like to throw Baby Death in during cons and we haven’t caught up with him in a while. 

Daily doodle: Heyyy!


Went to see Deadpool tonight! Great fun, leave your kids at home .

Daily doodle: Go Fish! #Squirrel Girl #Deadpool


I just picked up Marvel’s the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and I have to say it’s one fun book! One of my favorite parts is when she pulls out Deadpool’s Guide to Super Villains.

Daily doodle: My Vote


He’s right for any party.

Daily doodle: Swoon


You ever see that message you get when there are new followers on Tumblr? Anyhow, thanks for all the likes and reblogs on the last Deadpool post!


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