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Daily doodle : sitting in a panel


At Wonder Con and this is what I came up with.

Daily doodle: Prepping for #WonderCon


Are you ready?  Baby Death is!

Daily doodle: getting ready


Looks like Baby Death’s all set for Star Wars Celebration, Comic-Con and Wonder Con!

Daily doodle: Let your geek flags fly!


First day of Wonder-Con in Anaheim and Baby Death is roaming the floor.

Drawing a cat


Going to Wonder-Con presented a few interesting moments, especially in the panels where Jim Lee sat in. First, it was funny to find out that he traces some objects like motorcycles. I guess that makes sense especially if you’re in a time crunch. The second was he had a bit of trouble doodling a cat. The approach he was taking was that cats have a triangular head. I like to think of animal heads in terms of pears or gourds: like my how to draw a lion post from way back. Here are some cat doodles. For the cast, I squished the pear a bit.

Daily Sketch, color blocking


So we were at Wonder-Con and I was watching one of the masters (Jim Lee) at work. I noticed after he laid down a quick rough to position things, he went in and blocked out a lot of the shadows. Here I thought it would be interesting to block out the color and then go back and add some detail. I used the paintbrush tool in Sketchbook set to a low opacity which makes it function more like an art marker. I’ve seen some colorists and artists who use copics do this.

Tooth fairy sketch


Here’s a quick character study of the tooth fairy. I tried to draw her with different expressions so I could get a sense of personality down. Then, I drew the basic front, profile and 3/4 view on the face. This one goes out to the Grimm Report.

My wife and I went to Wonder-Con over last weekend and got to watch some of the masters at work drawing comic book women: Jim Lee and the great Terry Moore. They imparted some knowledge and I hope to employ it in my work.

Baby Death bids @wondercon a fond farewell! #thanks


Baby Death attended workshops, panels, grabbed some swag, met new friends, and generally had a great time. Wonder-Con? More like Wonder-conquered! Here’s to the next con!

Baby Death is enjoying @Wondercon


Morning fantastic followers of the blog! Any of you guys at Wonder-Con? Well, Baby Death certainly is accomplishing a lot at Wonder-Con. I don’t think I’ve gotten as much done. Cripes, Baby Death built an astromech?! The droid has the plans for what?

Baby Death goes to Wonder-Con


Greetings, friendly followers clicking through. This weekend Baby Death will be visiting Wonder-Con. Yay! He’s looking forward to meeting some of his favorite characters and getting autographs (ssh, don’t tell him they’re just people in costumes…or are they?)


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