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Daily doodle: Expressive

Working on Pablo’s facial expressions. Also, here’s one or him drinking boba!

Daily doodle: Pick up sticks

Just finished my Pablo doodle. Enjoy 😉

Daily doodle: Work in progress

At a concert tonight so I thought I’d share a work in progress/panel study.

Daily doodle: the Start

Thumbnailing Pablo’s comic

Daily doodle: Lift with your legs

Remember a while back when I drew Pablo lifting weights for my friend Carree? Well, I inked a preliminary sketch. Thought it’d be fun to see it finished and maybe recycle the idea later.

Daily doodle: Your aim is $#!+

Working on having Pablo look over his shoulder.

Daily doodle: Put a pin in it

Trying to get 8 pages but I’m no writer. I do hope you guys are digging my sketches for Pablo in addition to the storyboard work. By the way, some of storyboards are going to be showing up as finished frames so stay tuned!

Daily doodle: Underside

I did say various angles did I not? Here’s a different view of Pablo

Daily doodle: Motion

I’ve been doodling Pablo in different action poses and from various angles.

Daily doodle: #GotThis #balance

Finished this for my friend.


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