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Daily Doodle: 180

I didn’t like what was going on with this page in terms of the fight sequence and how it leads to the next sequence, but that’s why you do thumbnails. I did some problem solving and arrived at a solid solution. I like this flow much better.


Daily Doodle: That stings

I’ve been getting feedback on my story to develop Pablo and my characters more. I’d like there to be dimension to the characters.

Daily Doodle: coverage

Thumbnail to work a cover swipe idea out. Can you tell the famous cover to which I pay homage?

Daily Doodle: Blast from the past

I think my writing is akin to freestyle rap at this point. Is that a bad way to to write? Any writers out there find themselves improvising?

Daily Doodle: Ape

Trying to think of this thumbnail’s flow. Usually, when working from a given script, it’s easy to burn through thumbs and do quick scribbles. Here as I’m writing on my own, not using another writer’s script, with a story that’s evolving, I find myself adding more detail to the sketches to help me think about things.

Daily Doodle: Closing in

On the halfway mark! This is the thumbnail sketch for page 7 in this adventure.

Daily Doodle: Problems

What is it with this guy? Our boy Pablo looks like he’s in a pickle. Hope you guys are enjoying the work in progress thumbnails as I work through this comic.

Daily Doodle: plotting

Fleshing things out with thumbnails and rewrites.

Daily Doodle: Beats

I’m writing my first Pablo comic in what is known as the Marvel style. I’m winging it a bit as I’m dividing it across pages. I have a general plot outline and I’m breaking down each page into plot points or actions. I have a general idea of what I want to accomplish in 16 pages but there is room for changes. Here I’m taking a break from the action by adding a beat of humor.

Daily Doodle: Oh, snap

Some days are just bad. How you cope with it shows your character. This is an updated thumbnail page on a previous one you guys saw.



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