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Daily Doodle: Direction

Happy with how this post came out.


Daily Doodle: Spearhead

Getting there.

Daily Doodle: More dynamic

Still not happy, so trying to rework a pose. It’s getting there.

Daily Doodle: Pretend

Redoing some panel work and a pose didn’t look right. Trying to redo it and make it more dynamic. Starting with this loose sketch.

Daily Doodle: Inked

I’ll have to go back and color this, but I like the textures.

Daily Doodle: Face it

Here’s a close up.

Daily Doodle: Redo

I’m doing minor changes on this one that I feel are improvements.

Daily Doodle: Mangia!

Revising and correcting as I go along.

Daily Doodle: Check the flow

I’m inking this page but also thinking about how to color it.

Daily Doodle: Collapse

Correcting a panel, had to rework a figure.


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