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The payoff. Thanks WordPress followers!

Thank you for following the blog for the past few years everyone! I know it’s transitioned away from a daily sketch blog recently, but that doesn’t mean it won’t continue to be a blog about my art and art process.

You might remember seeing the loose storyboards for Retro awhile back. I told you to keep an eye out, right 😉? We did it! We premiered yesterday with Dances with Films at the famous Hollywood TCL Chinese Theatres!

The response was overwhelming! Truly humbled and thankful. The story doesn’t end here. Retro is going to be reworked by the creator for comic format too! The kickstarter for Pablo the Gorilla has a launch date for June 26th. That’s right, in 10 more days! We’re going to need all hands on deck. Click here for the email signup!

Then I’ll be at Rose City Comic-con in September.




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