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Equivalent Exchange

Mother. 9″ x 12″ watercolor.

If you’re a Full Metal Alchemist fan, I hope you dig this piece. I just finished a bunch of original art pieces for DCD COLLECTS. If you love original artwork, mystery boxes & manga/anime, give them a follow!

Teaching at Los Angeles City College!

I’ll be teaching the Draw Comic Book & Cartoon characters class at LACC!

$75, 5 week course, every Sunday from 7/30-8/27. All skills levels welcome.

For adults: https://bit.ly/LACCDrawComics4Adults

For Kids: https://bit.ly/LACCDrawComics4Kids

I’ll do my best to help you think about drawing. If you draw better than me, we can talk about career plans 😅

Guest at Comic Con Revolution Ontario 5/20-1. Artist Alley D-9
Cosplayers will be modeling for life drawing!
Visit these incredible creators!

Get tickets here!



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